The Group

Thanks to great intuitions, will and vision, in 1955 Dante Ferroli founded FERROLI Group which today, after 68 years, is still on track with its developments. The target is always the same: to set the innovation in heating and comfort sector, through the continuous development and manufacturing of high quality products, reliable and usable all over the world. From the Headquarter in San Bonifacio (VR) FERROLI controls the global activities of its European and Asian facilities, the sales network made of 12 direct subsidiaries and of 2.116 employees.


The Group holds iconic brands like Lamborghini CaloreClima, Ferroli, Isea, Cointra, always a reference in terms of brand image, technology and design.


A continuous improvement process towards innovative technologies, solutions for energy efficiency and for climate protection has built up FERROLI reputation as one of the leaders in its sector. The wide product range is undisputedly well known for the technical features, the performances and the extension of the commercial proposition. Along the years the offer has evolved from the sole product to a range of services integrated towards the customers.


The R&D effort is very high: through a number of R&D locations worldwide more than 90 engineers are working to satisfy present and future customers’ expectations which envisage always the best offer in terms of product quality, efficiency, low environmental impact.