50 Dawn of the economic boom.


San Bonifacio, a small town to the east of Verona, in the 1950s, the same years that marked the birth of economic recovery and the European Community, but also of the rock 'n roll that would become the soundtrack to the phenomenon that, together with Ferroli boilers, changed our homes: television! In '53, just a few months after the founding of the Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (National Hydrocarbons Authority), Sante Ferroli's sons began an extraordinary activity that originated from the craft of iron and copper working. As soon as methanisation arrived in S Bonifacio, Dante, the family pioneer, made himself available to maintain the town's gas network and converted the first wood-fired boiler into a gas boiler, marking a turning point for his area and beyond. While the first Ferroli model was being exhibited at the Milan trade fair, Dante obtained from the housing institute the supply of boilers for 500 homes in Verona!

60 The Sweet Life.


While overseas JFK becomes president of the USA, scholars around the world analyse the Italian miracle. The economic boom is in the air, along with the first mass phenomena and the notes of the Beatles raging from the Juke Box. In 1961, together with Jurij Gagarin's space adventure, the Ferroli industrial era began. In fact, the start-up of the foundry plant and the internationalisation of the newly founded company date back to the same year. Since Dante Ferroli does not set limits or boundaries, Mr Omens of AGPO returns to Holland with two prototypes of Ferroli boilers and shortly afterwards the Dutch company becomes one of the main foreign partners. In 1965, Ferroli also decided to enter the Spanish market, opening a factory in Burgos for the production of boilers and radiant bodies: Ferroli Spain became one of the reference points of the Group's industrial universe in the following decades.

70 From Saturday Night Fever to the Heat Bank, Ferroli's first slogan.


These were the years of discomusic and Saturday Night Fever, but also of protest, the conflict in the Middle East, the US Water gate scandal and the end of the Vietnam War. Italian TV began to broadcast in colour. S. Bonifacio grows: houses increasingly replace the countryside. Trade develops, but these are also the years of the energy crisis. For Ferroli, it is an important decade, which opens with the headline of advertising, the transformation of the company into an S.p.A., the opening of the Alano factory in France, the reaching of no less than 500 employees and the doubling of production capacity. Constant investments in the factories, openness to technological development, consolidation throughout Western Europe confirm the entrepreneurial genius of Dante Ferroli, who once again anticipates the market and builds the first cast iron wall-mounted boiler.

80 Down with the walls, up with the electronics!


The 1980s opened with the first real heating crisis and ended with major historical changes, including the first elections in the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Innovation and automation revolutionise the industrial framework, introducing the personal computer. Industry starts again with machines, microchips and continues with the first robots on the assembly line. Evolution also permeates Ferroli production, which sees the introduction of advanced electronics in wall boilers. The company then proceeded with a rationalisation of the production units and the entire sales network. As the first in Italy, Ferroli engineers developed a wall-hung gas boiler with a copper exchanger. The company thus began a strong recovery that, thanks to far-sighted investments, laid the foundations for important development towards Eastern Europe.

90 Italian entrepreneurs to the rescue.


In the 1990s, Germany was reunited, the European Union was born, the Internet exploded and vinyl gave way to compact discs. The strong push towards globalisation of markets favoured a rapid growth of the capitalist model. In the real decade of Italian entrepreneurs, Ferroli was the first to set up in the former East Germany. With the acquisition of a heating plant company, Ferroli Industry was founded in Dresden, another confirmation of the Ferroli Group's expansion into Turkey, Romania and Poland. In 1994, Ferroli's Xignal was the best boiler in Europe! Equipped with internal self-diagnosis, the boiler beats the English and French competition. The following year, having just become a Cavaliere del Lavoro, Dante Ferroli entered the industrial heating and air conditioning business. In 1998, the Group landed on the Internet and confirmed itself as a multinational in the field of well-being and domestic comfort.

2000 New millennium, new dimensions.


The Group is growing by leaps and bounds thanks also to a number of acquisitions, including the Dutch AGPO and the Lamborghini Group. At the same time, Dante Ferroli is ready to seize the opportunity offered by the Chinese market: the first plant for the production of steel power boilers dates back to 2001. It will be followed in 2004 by the acquisition of one of China's leading electric water heater companies. Production has become massive! From wall-mounted boilers to giant steam generators for industrial use; from gas and oil burners to radiant heaters; from domestic air-conditioners to large chillers for communities: the Ferroli product range was created in 11 production plants in Italy, Germany, Spain and China. With 22 companies distributed in 9 countries, 2200 employees, an estimated turnover in 2005 of 550 million Euros: these are the numbers with which Dante Ferroli brilliantly crosses the company's 50-year milestone.

THE FUTURE Unstoppable as Research and Innovation.


The Ferroli Group continues to warm up the market with the technological innovation that marked its first 50 years, all lived under the entrepreneurial sign of Dante Ferroli. In 2016, an extraordinary operation was carried out with the entry into the share capital of the Trinity Investment Limited Fund, with the support of OXY Capital Italia Srl. This operation allowed the Ferroli Group's capital to be strengthened and laid the foundations for the relaunch of the Group, to which Dr. Riccardo Garrè, a manager of high standing, who became CEO of Ferroli S.p.a. in February 2019, was called in to give greater impetus.