GS 12/20 OE TG (I) WIFI

GS 12/20 OE TG (I) WIFI


Main features:

  • WIFI control (WIFI complies with IMDA Standards DA 106640).
  • Suitable where the hot water usage points are less than 10 meters from the gas water heater.
  • A weatherproof external earthed 230V/50Hz, 13A power point is required and located within 1.5m of the water heater in accordance with the authorities ‘requirement.
  • Timer function.
  • Cater for 3-5 shower outlets.
  • Wireless remote controller (Max.3pcs) (optional).
  • Constant hot water temperature.
  • Microcomputer control.
  • Bathtub filling function.
  • Self-safety inspects.
  • Braze welding heat exchanger with high intensity of combustion.
  • Startup with low water flow 2.2L/M.
  • Double safety valve.
  • Weatherproof.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Model: GS 12 OE TG (I) WIFI GS 20 OE TG (I) WIFI
    Gas kind Town Gas
    Installation Outdoor
    Rated pressure 1.5kPa
    Heat input 24kW 40kW
    Min. working flow rate 2.5L/min
    Hotwater outlet (ΔT=25K) 12L/min 20L/min
    Efficiency >88%
    Starting water pressure 0.01MPa
    Working water pressure 0.01MPa~0.8MPa
    Water pipe G1/2 (water inlet and outlet)
    Gas inlet G1/2 G3/4
    Power supply AC 230V/50Hz (DC 12V for remote controller)
    Rated power 60W (water heater)
    Power cable 1.5m (13Amp power point required)
    Dimension (LxWxD) 559 x 378 x 146mm 599 x 422 x 146mm
    Warranty  1 Year Parts + Service / 3 Years Heating Element

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